Solutions Engineering

Our solutions engineering services utilizes the discipline of cross systems/cross functional integration of one or many information system solutions to support a desired capability and associated functions. We will help you:

  • Identify New Solutions: Identification and/or development of a new solution to the client. These solutions may be new tools, systems, or new workflow.
  • Utilize Current Solutions effectively: Identification and/or update of a current solution owned and operating in the client’s operations. These solutions may be current and operational tools, systems, and/or workflows that may need to be used more effectively to achieve the desired function or capability.
  • Re-purpose Legacy Solutions: Identification and/or re-purpose of a legacy solution owned and operating in the client’s operations. These solutions may be out of date or obsolete tools that maybe re-purposed or decommission because it is no longer an operational tools, systems, and/or workflows.
  • Develop a business case for the purchase of Commercial Solutions: The procurement or acquisition of Commercial Off the Shelf tools (COTS) that can be bought and implemented as manufactured, deployed or developed. Decisions Oriented Inc. has partnerships with leading software vendors and will conduct trade-space analysis to determine a business case for the purchase of a commercial tool.
  • Utilize Free and Open Source Solutions: Open Source solutions are solutions that are generally free or minimal cost that was developed by a community of users and contributors. Decisions Oriented Inc. has expertise and knowledge of industry best practices and implementation on the latest open source tools.
  • Design and develop Proprietary Solutions: Proprietary solutions are solutions that are usually modified open source or custom developed/configured solutions for a client who own the intellectual capital. Decisions Oriented Inc. will work with proprietary solutions and determine the most effective way to integrate with new or legacy solutions.
  • Decision Engineering Services: Decision engineering is an emerging discipline for implementing organizational governance logic in information systems. This enables systems to achieve the capability of centralized and flexible execution of rule logic in information systems.
    • Decision Framing
    • Decision Governance
  • Process & Workflow Engineering
    • Process Analysis
    • Process Design
    • Capability Definition

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